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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-02Add package "gn" in the list of conflictsAdrian Perez de Castro
2018-11-06Remove unnecessary (and unsupported) --use-sysrootAdrian Perez de Castro
2018-08-14Drop unneeded hunk from gcc-support.patchAdrian Perez de Castro
2018-07-27Update for documentation location changeAdrian Perez de Castro
2018-07-25Add git makdependsAdrian Perez de Castro
2018-07-21Avoid download of Debian sysroot, build with GCCAdrian Perez de Castro
2018-07-12Do not explicitly depend on glibcAdrian Perez de Castro
2018-07-12Update to accomodate to upstream URL changes and new build processAdrian Perez de Castro
2018-04-30Add missing dependenciesAlexandre Macabies
2018-04-30Add conflicts with gn-bin; add provides gnAlexandre Macabies
2016-02-08Update for Pacman 5.0Adrián Pérez de Castro
2015-09-14Add comment mentioning source Gist with standalone build instructionsAdrián Pérez de Castro
2015-09-14Initial importAdrián Pérez de Castro