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2019-09-20switch to ubuntu dock branchNicola Murino
This is needed to make the extension work with gnome 3.34
2019-03-17update to 66-1Nicola Murino
2019-02-22Updated to v65Nicola Murino
2018-08-28Update to 64-1Nicola Murino
2018-04-03Update to 63-1Nicola Murino
2017-12-24Update to version 62Nicola Murino
2017-09-24updated to v61Nicola Murino
simplified PKGBUILD
2017-07-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Multi-monitor-support further improved and the window previews are now assorted into a separate menu, bindable to any click option. The usual bug fixes and translation updates accompany these new features.
2017-07-28propagate upstream updateXZS
Besides the usual bug fixes and translation updates, docks can now be placed on multiple monitors. A new click option was also added. Version 58 introduced a regression and was thus skipped.
2017-04-04propagate upstream updateXZS
Apart from minor bugfixes and translation updates, the hotkey numbers of the panel icons can now be displayed. Compatibility to the upcoming gnome shell version 3.24 is also already included.
2017-03-07propagate upstream updateXZS
This version improved Wayland compatibility and added new features: The windows can now be previewed from the dock icons which can also be scrolled through with the mouse wheel, keyboard shortcuts can be defined, and the border of the dock gained more customizability.
2016-11-02choose newest extension sourceXZS
Some extensions authors introduce build steps required before installing. Their execution normally produces a completed variant of the extension code in a subdirectory, difficult to tell apart from the original source. The find condition introduced herein proves the process against such cases to come. It always chooses the files created last, ensuring that a build which occurred after mere unpacking will always take precedence.
2016-11-02propagate upstream updateXZS
This release only fixes a few bugs.
2016-09-22propagate upstream updateXZS
Apart from translation updates and improvements in configuration options, the upcoming gnome-shell version 3.22 is already supported.
2016-07-20break long linesXZS
According to the Arch Packaging Standards [1], lines in a PKGBUILD should be no longer than 100 characters and package descriptions should cap at 80. This does not change the contents of the built package, so the pkgver stays unchanged. [1]:
2016-07-20improve location metricXZS
As an extension consists of both the metadata description and a JavaScript entry point always named extension.js, searching for both hardens the locating process against changes to the directory structure. This does not change the contents of the built package, so the pkgver stays unchanged.
2016-04-22fix version comparisonXZS
Comparing the minor version to a string of minor and major will never succeed. Originally, a restriction on the current shell version was omitted for historical reasons - most packages did so when dependencies were defined manually. This now turns into a concious decision to - permit the usage of the extension in instable gnome-shell versions - the ones with odd minor version numbers - where incompatibilities are introduced gradually. - ease the transition from one stable gnome-shell version - the ones with even minor version numbers - to the next. In an ideal world, all extensions should have been updates before the update hits the repositories. But as Arch is quite more on the edge than developers of some of the extensions, this is not the case more often than not.
2016-03-23propagate upstream updateXZS
Apart from translation updates, the intellihide machinery has been optimized. The extension can now also be active with full screen windows and supports the upcoming gnome-shell version 3.20. Fortunately, the same dash-to-dock release applies to gnome-shell 3.18 and 3.20 as well. This saves the hassle of rewriting the code that extracts the download link from the webpage and provides the hopeful perspective that transition will be effortless when the next stable shell version hits the Arch Linux repositories.
2016-03-23end grep trickery, it has been bustedXZS
Unbelievably, also traditional tools like grep are regularly updated still today. Version 2.24 forbid the combination of some features with the -z option. This was exactly what was exploited here to make grep ignore newlines so they would not interrupt JSON dissection. More information about the change can be found at the bottom of the respective release notes. [1] Fixing it costs an invocation of tr to remove the bothersome newlines. Because the files are read within "find -exec" where input redirection is not readily possible, cat has to be invoked to start the pipeline. The grep script got only a tiny bit simpler by adhering to the new restriction and leaving newlines to tr. Thanks to AUR users jmauss, Asher256 and vinadoros for pointing to the critical line. [1]:
2016-02-19adopt package to collectionXZS
This package is now again maintained as part of the collection of gnome-shell-extensions and related templates on GitHub. <>
2016-02-19use original imageXZS
Meanwhile, the bug in librsvg was fixed upstream. [1] The maintainer of the extension cared for the issue as well [2] and was so kind to rework the image not to trigger it to begin with [3]. So there is no need to patch the image any longer and the respective last two commits since "patch up unreadable image" can be reverted, bringing this package as close to upstream as it has been. This change does not increase the pkgrel as there is no functional change to be shipped out. Already installed packages will continue to work without the need of an update. [1]: [2]: [3]:
2015-12-08add dependency needed for patching upXZS
The imagemagick package contains the convert program needed for the interim fix.
2015-12-08patch up unreadable imageXZS
Due to a bug with librsvg[1] GTK is unable to process the image logo.svg. As ImageMagic still can handle it without any hiccups, it can be converted to a PNG before GTK ever sees it until the bug is fixed. [1]:
* revert update to v48, because that version is only for gnome 3.14
* switch to sha256sums
2015-07-10initial import from legacy