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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-04Update to 4.2.b3niup
2020-08-03Update to 4.1.b3niup
2020-06-30Update to 4.0.b3niup
2020-05-04Update to 3.10-1.b3niup
2019-06-30Update to 3.5-1.b3niup
2018-09-24Fix compiler warning issues.b3niup
2018-07-05Update to 3.2-1.b3niup
2018-06-13Add workaround for gtk warnings with gcc 8.0 and cosmetic changes.b3niup
2018-05-06Update to 3.1-1.b3niup
2018-04-10Update to 3.0-1.b3niup
2017-12-30Update to 2.6.19-1.b3niup
2017-12-13Fix typo.b3niup
2017-12-05Add new dependency - enchant1.6b3niup
2017-11-20Bump version to force build with new libs.b3niup
2017-10-04Update to 2.6.18-1 and change source to github.b3niup
2017-07-16Updated to 2.6.17-3.b3niup
2017-01-09Updated to 2.6.15-1.b3niup
2016-08-08Updated to 2.6.13-1.b3niup
2016-05-06Updated to 2.6.12-4.b3niup
2016-04-08Updated to 2.6.12-2.b3niup
2016-02-09Updated to 2.6.11-2.b3niup
2015-12-23Updated to 2.6.10-1.b3niup
2015-10-12Updated to 2.6.9-1.b3niup
2015-10-01Updated to 2.6.8-1.b3niup
2015-07-15Updated to 2.6.7-1.b3niup
2015-06-14Updated to 2.6.6-1.b3niup
2015-06-14Added custom _pkgname variableb3niup
2015-06-14Initial commit - Gnucash 2.6.5b3niup