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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-30Adds a missing udev script.Lorenzo Castelli
2022-03-15Update to 20220211.00Samuel Littley
2021-01-24Update to v20210113.00-2 - add hostname patchSamuel Littley
2021-01-24Update to v20210113.00-1Samuel Littley
2020-08-24Moves to new guest-configs repository.Lorenzo Castelli
2020-04-18Updates to version 20191210.Lorenzo Castelli
2019-12-06Adds ethtool and inetutils as dependencies.Lorenzo Castelli
2019-12-06Updates to v20191121 and splits off the oslogin package.Lorenzo Castelli
2019-08-18Updates package to version 20190801.Lorenzo Castelli
2019-06-21Updates to version 20190522.Lorenzo Castelli
2019-05-03Updates to version 20190416 and fixes a configuration bug with dhclient.Lorenzo Castelli
2019-03-25Updates the package to version 20190315.Lorenzo Castelli
2018-11-03Adds a Pacman package definition for google-compute-engine.Lorenzo Castelli