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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-01-09Bump versionDavi da Silva Böger
2017-01-09Fix dependency on libpeasDavi da Silva Böger
2017-01-09Bump versionDavi da Silva Böger
2017-01-09Add missing makedep gitDavi da Silva Böger
2017-01-09Remove static libs from the packageDavi da Silva Böger
2016-04-06Change pkgver() to include last realease tagDavi da Silva Böger
2016-04-02Build shared librariesSeveren Redwood
2016-02-22Add the r prefix to the revisionSeveren Redwood
2016-02-22Update the maintainer headerSeveren Redwood
2015-06-09Initial importSeveren Redwood