path: root/PKGBUILD
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysFurther changes to systemd serviceblackhole
2 daysSome changes to hqplayerd.serviceblackhole
9 daysModified install fileblackhole
12 daysadaptation for new libflac in install fileblackhole
2022-09-14Added conflict with sse packageblackhole
2022-09-14Some PKGBUILD changesblackhole
2022-09-10Updated to version 4.32.5blackhole
2022-07-14Updated to version 4.32.4blackhole
2022-07-13Updated to version 4.32.3blackhole
2022-07-08Switched to avx2 versionblackhole
2022-07-04Updated to version 4.32.2blackhole
2022-06-10Some changes to systemd service and hqplayer userblackhole
2022-05-17Added hqplayer to providesblackhole
2022-05-14Added provides to PKGBUILDblackhole
2022-05-11Updated to version 4.32.0blackhole
2022-04-21Fix to library installation methodblackhole
2022-04-20Added libusb-compat dependencyblackhole
2022-04-20Fix to library pathblackhole
2022-04-20Added missing libraryblackhole
2022-04-20Updated to version 4.31.0blackhole
2022-03-02Updated to version 4.30.3blackhole
2022-02-28Updated to version 4.30.2blackhole
2022-02-25Updated to version 4.30.1blackhole
2022-02-19Updated to version 4.30.0blackhole
2022-02-13Added lame to dependenciesblackhole
2022-02-13Updated to version 4.29.3blackhole
2022-02-06Fix to install scriptblackhole
2022-02-05Fix to arm64 sourceblackhole
2022-01-27Updated to version 4.29.2blackhole
2022-01-21Updated to version 4.29.1blackhole
2022-01-09Corrected sha256sum for arm sourceblackhole
2022-01-08Updated to version 4.28.3blackhole
2022-01-01Updated to version 4.28.2blackhole
2021-12-29Fixed sha256sum on aarch64 sourceblackhole
2021-12-29Switched source to focalblackhole
2021-12-29Updated to version 4.28.1blackhole
2021-12-06Updated to version 4.28.0blackhole
2021-11-15Updated to version 4.27.2blackhole
2021-11-08Added mpg123 to dependenciesblackhole
2021-11-08Updated install fileblackhole
2021-11-08Update to install fileblackhole
2021-11-05Updated to version 4.27.0blackhole
2021-11-03Updated install fileblackhole
2021-10-26Update to version 4.26.2blackhole
2021-10-20Update to version 4.26.0blackhole
2021-08-25Update to version 4.25.2blackhole
2021-07-31Update to version 4.25.0blackhole
2021-06-28Update to version 4.24.2blackhole
2021-06-18Update to version 4.24.1blackhole
2021-06-13Fix to install fileblackhole