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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-27Update to 16.0.1.u9Michael Laß
2021-03-17Update to 16.u36Michael Laß
2021-01-26Update to 15.0.2.u7Michael Lass
2020-10-26Update to 15.0.1.u9Michael Lass
2020-09-18Update to 15+36Michael Lass
2020-07-17Update to 14.0.2.u12Michael Lass
2020-04-23Update to 14.0.1.u7Michael Lass
2020-03-24Fix version in desktop and install filesMichael Lass
2020-03-19Update to 14.u36Michael Lass
2020-01-22Update to 13.0.2.u8Michael Lass
2019-10-27Update to 13.0.1.u9Michael Lass
2019-09-23Update to 13.u33Michael Lass
2019-07-21Update to 12.0.2.u10Michael Lass
2019-04-28Update to jdk-12.0.1+12Michael Lass
2019-03-23Update to jdk-12+33Michael Lass
2019-02-27Initial commitMichael Lass