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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-09-21Updated to jenkins-lts 2.138.1Benjamin Asbach
2018-08-26Updated to jenkins-lts 2.121.3Benjamin Asbach
2018-06-16Updated to jenkins-lts 2.121.1Benjamin Asbach
2018-04-14Updated to jenkins-lts 2.107.2Benjamin Asbach
2018-03-18Updated to jenkins-lts 2.107.1Benjamin Asbach
2017-12-22Updated to jenkins-lts 2.89.2Benjamin Asbach
2017-12-13Updated to jenkins-lts 2.89.1Benjamin Asbach
2017-11-27Updated to jenkins-lts 2.73.3Benjamin Asbach
2017-10-16Updated to jenkins-lts 2.73.2Benjamin Asbach
2017-10-05Updated to jenkins-lts 2.73.1Benjamin Asbach
2017-08-25Updated to jenkins-lts 2.60.3Benjamin Asbach
2017-07-31Updated to jenkins-lts 2.60.2Benjamin Asbach
2017-07-13Updated to jenkins-lts 2.60.1Benjamin Asbach
2017-05-25Updated to jenkins-lts 2.46.3Benjamin Asbach
2017-05-01Updated to jenkins-lts 2.46.2Benjamin Asbach
2017-04-02Updated to jenkins-lts 2.46.1Benjamin Asbach
2017-03-05Updated to jenkins-lts 2.32.3Benjamin Asbach
2017-02-09Updated jenkins-lt to version 2.32.2Benjamin Asbach
2017-01-02Require at least java runtime with version 7Benjamin Asbach
2017-01-02Introduced aur for jenkins-lts-2.32.1Benjamin Asbach
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