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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-06-08jlink-debugger renamed to ozonepzl
2016-01-22switch to meta packagepzl
2016-01-14move package into /optpzl
Some third-party tools (e.g. from Nordic) expect this to be in /opt and it now matches the .deb and RPM packaged by segger themselves
2016-01-07ver bump 5.10f -> gpzl
2015-12-22ver bump 5.10c->5.10fpzl
2015-12-065.10c ver bumppzl
2015-11-305.10 ver bumppzl
2015-11-17version bump 5.02kpzl
2015-11-10version bumppzl
2015-11-04version bumppzl
2015-10-27bump ver, fix udev rules error, smaller pkgpzl
2015-09-29start of packagepzl