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2020-04-09version update to 1.13.2Jonian Guveli
2020-04-05version update to 1.13.1Jonian Guveli
2020-04-04version update to 1.13.0Jonian Guveli
2019-11-25version update to 1.12.3Jonian Guveli
2019-11-04version update to 1.12.2Jonian Guveli
2019-10-28version update to 1.12.1Jonian Guveli
2019-10-07version update to 1.11.6Jonian Guveli
2019-09-21version update to 1.10.1Jonian Guveli
2019-09-14version update to 1.10.0Jonian Guveli
2019-08-18version update to 1.9.0Jonian Guveli
2019-05-14version updateJonian Guveli
2019-04-13version updateJonian Guveli
2019-02-27version updateJonian Guveli
2019-02-05version updateJonian Guveli
2018-10-28optimize installJonian Guveli
2018-04-14optimize sourceJonian Guveli
2018-02-28add correct license nameJonian Guveli
2018-01-12remove wrong optdependsJonian Guveli
2017-12-14version updateJonian Guveli
2017-12-05fix conflicts listJonian Guveli
2017-12-05version updateJonian Guveli
2017-10-05initial commitJonian Guveli