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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-23Update for dependenciesloredan13
2020-02-03Log file fixloredan13
2020-01-21Log file added back, various changes to package scriptloredan13
2020-01-07Changed ownership of /opt/klipperloredan13
2020-01-07Moved socket back to /run/klipper/sockloredan13
2020-01-07Moved x86_64 dependencies to optionalloredan13
2020-01-07Fixed dependencies, changed service similar to example, moved socket to defau...loredan13
2018-10-27Change to a config directory because we need writabilitylf-
2018-10-27Fixup following merging of packaging improvements upstreamlf-
2018-10-27Scripts are in scripts/, not util/lf-
2018-10-21Fix socket, fix groups, fix versionlf-
2018-10-18Oops, fix last referencelf-
2018-10-18move everything into /opt instead of /var/liblf-
2018-10-18Initial commitlf-