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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-26Update to 1.15.3Lars Rustand
2019-08-10Update to 1.15.2Lars Rustand
2019-07-29Update urlLars Rustand
2019-07-27Updated to 1.15.1Lars Rustand
2019-07-20Updated to 1.15.0Lars Rustand
2019-04-09updated to 1.14.0icebal
2019-02-06updated to 1.13.3icebal
2019-01-12updated to 1.13.2icebal
2019-01-12updated to 1.13.2icebal
2019-01-09updated to 1.13.1icebal
2018-12-10streamlined version updates, and updated to 1.13.0nicebal
2018-12-10fixed source files from conflicting with older filesicebal
2018-11-28corrected ARM sources and hash from arm to armv7l and armv7hicebal
2018-11-27Add support for arm and aarch64duxet
2018-11-27Switch to sha512sumsduxet
2018-11-27Bump to v1.12.3duxet
2018-11-21fixed typo...icebal
2018-11-21added proper provides line, and removed some conflicts since provides does th...icebal
2018-11-21Syntax fixduxet
2018-11-21Add kubeadm, kubectl and kubelet to conflictsduxet
2018-10-30Bump to v1.12.2duxet
2018-10-07Bump to v1.12.1duxet
2018-09-28Remove kube-aggregator binaryduxet
2018-09-28Bump to v1.12.0duxet
2018-09-27Bump to v1.11.3duxet
2018-09-01Bump to v1.11.2duxet
2018-08-03Bump to v1.11.1duxet
2018-07-03Bump to v1.11.0duxet
2018-06-12Bump to v1.10.4duxet
2018-03-28Bump to v1.10.0duxet
2018-03-24Bump to v1.9.6duxet
2018-03-20Bump to v1.9.5duxet
2018-02-17Bump to v1.9.3duxet
2018-01-26Bump to v1.9.2duxet
2018-01-12Bump to v1.9.1duxet
2017-12-18Bump to v1.9.0duxet
2017-10-26Bump to v1.8.2Mikkel Oscar Lyderik Larsen
2017-10-16Bump to v1.8.1Mikkel Oscar Lyderik Larsen
2017-09-30Bump to v1.8.0Mikkel Oscar Lyderik Larsen
2017-09-15Bump to v1.7.6Mikkel Oscar Lyderik Larsen
2017-09-01Bump to v1.7.5Mikkel Oscar Lyderik Larsen
2017-08-19Bump to v1.7.4Mikkel Oscar Lyderik Larsen
2017-08-04Bump to v1.7.3Mikkel Oscar Lyderik Larsen
2017-07-29Fix shasumsMikkel Oscar Lyderik Larsen
2017-07-29Bump to v1.7.2Mikkel Oscar Lyderik Larsen
2017-07-16Bump to v1.7.1Mikkel Oscar Lyderik Larsen
2017-06-30Bump to kubernetes v1.7.0Mikkel Oscar Lyderik Larsen
2017-06-17Bump to v1.6.6Mikkel Oscar Lyderik Larsen
2017-06-15Bump to v1.6.5Mikkel Oscar Lyderik Larsen