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2017-09-11Weather widget working without utc_offsetLuke Bonham
2017-09-05quake: iterate on all screens; #339Luke Bonham
2017-09-05util.quake: removed onlyone parameters; wiki updated; counters #339Luke Bonham
2017-09-04removed whitespaced signatures; wiki updatedLuke Bonham
2017-08-29revert a5b05fa; #310Luke Bonham
2017-08-28Merge pull request #359 from rohieb/mpd-port-from-environment-for-mastermpd: ↵Luke Bonham
respect MPD_HOST and MPD_PORT environment variables
2017-08-18optimised PNGsLuke Bonham
2017-08-14widget.contrib.gpmdp: moved to awesome-www recipes; closes #354 #343 #342Luke Bonham
2017-07-25imap: add notify option to disable notifications (read the wiki)Luke Bonham
2017-07-25weather: added showpopup option; closes #352Luke Bonham
2017-07-21calendar: let ability to disable icon (see notes section in the wiki); ↵Luke Bonham
closes #351
2017-07-15widget.contrib.task: use shell for spawn_cmd, set title to static 'task next'Luke Bonham
2017-07-10quake: avoid calling compute_size whenever possibleLuke Bonham
2017-06-27alsabar: rename flag 'mute' to 'playback' in order to avoid confusion; fixes ↵Luke Bonham
2017-06-25counter pull #344: don't rely on awful.layout.layouts array, but point ↵Luke Bonham
directly to tile layout
2017-05-19fs: fix short circuit notificationLuke Bonham
2017-05-06quake: add a new option `onlyone`.This option allows using a single instance ↵Luke Bonham
of the app with multiplescreens instead of having a separate app for each screen. It worksbetter if there is only one instance of the quake object, i.e. local quake = lain.util.quake({onlyone=true})and awful.key({ modkey, }, "z", function () quake:toggle() end),
2017-04-29wiki updatedLuke Bonham
2017-04-29Merge pull request #338 from klaernie/masterscripts/dfs: specify bash ↵Luke Bonham
instead of sh
2017-04-03pulsebar: fix factory returnLuke Bonham
2017-04-02widgets: no global tables, but one instance per call; closes #336; closes #337Luke Bonham
2017-04-01bat: critical/low levels notification configurable; closes #335Luke Bonham
2017-03-14Merge pull request #332 from aajjbb/fix-fs-typofixing typo mentioned in #331Luke Bonham
2017-03-10calendar: mouse.current_widgets safety checkLuke Bonham
2017-02-28pulsebar: fix typos; closes #327Luke Bonham
2017-02-24add .device for pulseaudio and pulsebar; wiki updated; closes #323Luke Bonham
2017-02-22#320, calendar: name signal functionsLuke Bonham
2017-02-21Merge pull request #319 from Unode/patch-2fs, dfs: workaround premature end ↵Luke Bonham
of file with awful.spawn.easy_async
2017-02-20closes #318Luke Bonham
2017-02-14#315: removed vertical arg from {alsa,pulse}barcopycat-killer
2017-02-13Merge branch 'master' of
2017-02-09calendar, #289: instead of setting timeout, don't show at allcopycat-killer
2017-02-081560 version updatedcopycat-killer
2017-02-08lain.widgets -> lain.widgetcopycat-killer
2017-02-07Merge branch 'trap000d-master'copycat-killer
2017-02-04#308 fixcopycat-killer
2017-02-03Allow multiple instances of the pulseaudio widgetEnable switching between ↵copycat-killer
default sink or source in pulseaudio widget
2017-02-02updated PKGBUILDcopycat-killer
2017-02-02updated PKGBUILDcopycat-killer
2017-02-01wiki updatedcopycat-killer
2017-02-01fix #300copycat-killer
2017-01-31cal: remove os-dependent flag; #299 #300copycat-killer
2017-01-30Merge pull request #297 from 2009/patch-3task: fix typo so ↵copycat-killer
notification_preset can be overidden
2017-01-29wiki updatedcopycat-killer
2017-01-29#289 fix attemptcopycat-killer
2017-01-28markup: added fontfg and fontbgcopycat-killer
2017-01-28wiki updatedcopycat-killer
2017-01-27maildir: turned into an abase examplecopycat-killer
2017-01-27wiki enhancedcopycat-killer
2017-01-26#293: eradicate proxy widgetcopycat-killer