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2018-12-18Improved variable naming.Damien Flament
2018-12-18Updated source.Damien Flament
2018-12-18Updated .SRCINFO.Damien Flament
2018-12-18Updated dependencies.Damien Flament
2018-12-18Removed replaced packages.Damien Flament
The packages 'librecad-svn', 'caduntu', 'caduntu-svn' are no more existent in the AUR.
2018-12-18Updated version generation.Damien Flament
2018-12-18Added man page.Damien Flament
2018-12-18Made use of the distributed desktop file.Damien Flament
2018-12-18Updated installation commands.Damien Flament
2018-12-17Updated URL.Damien Flament
2018-12-16Removed unsupported i686 architecture.Damien Flament
2018-12-16Updated build commands.Damien Flament
2018-12-16Cleaned up from old stuff.Damien Flament
2018-12-16Reformatted PKGBUILD.Damien Flament
2018-12-16Updated maintainer and contributors tags.Damien Flament
2017-12-12Updated versionDamien Flament
2016-11-15Update version.Damien Flament
2016-11-02Update version.Damien Flament
2016-10-15Update version.Damien Flament
2016-10-11Update version.Damien Flament
2016-10-11Add empty line at end of file.Damien Flament
2016-10-11Install plugins.Damien Flament
2016-10-11Build plugins.Damien Flament
2016-10-11Build using Qt5.Damien Flament
2016-10-11Updating from Git is not building.Damien Flament
2016-10-11Using shell pipes to chain command is more readable.Damien Flament
2016-10-11Support Qt5.Damien Flament
2016-10-11Use new website URL.Damien Flament
2016-10-11Use $_gitname in _gitroot and source variables.Damien Flament
2016-10-11Add missing configuration keysDamien Flament
2016-10-11Add me to contributorsDamien Flament
2015-06-28Initial commitMichele Mocciola