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2019-03-16libselinux 2.9-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2018-05-26libselinux 2.8-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2017-08-11libselinux: fix package descriptionNicolas Iooss
A glitch has been introduced while upgrading the packages to 2.7.
2017-08-11libselinux 2.7-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2017-06-05libselinux: use full path to ruby and python interpretersNicolas Iooss
When makepkg is run in a shell environment with rvm or vitualenv, ruby or python can have a version which mismatches the system's one. Use the interpreter from /usr/bin in order to avoid build issues. This issue has been reported in:
2017-01-07libselinux: Python 3.6 rebuildNicolas Iooss
2016-11-20libselinux 2.6-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2016-08-16libselinux 2.5-3 updateNicolas Iooss
Backport fixes to make the Python wrapper works with SWIG 3.0.10
2016-08-16libselinux 2.5-2 updateNicolas Iooss
Backport fixes to make systemd 231 works on systems when SELinux is installed but disabled.
2016-02-27libselinux 2.5-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2015-02-22libselinux 2.4-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2014-12-31libselinux 2.3-3 updateNicolas Iooss
Following my post in selinux mailing list ( * Improve ruby pkg-config patch to use the ruby version which is already computed in the Makefile. * No longer follow what Fedora does for packaging and choose to do something similar as what Gentoo and Debian provide. * Mark the symlink issue as fixed in the next yet-to-come release. Moreover, use /usr/bin as install directory instead of /usr/sbin and move pcre to the depends array to fix this namcap error: libselinux E: Dependency pcre detected and not included (libraries ['usr/lib/'] needed in files ['usr/lib/', 'usr/bin/sefcontext_compile'])
2014-10-23Change maintainerNicolas Iooss
2014-09-16Update SELinux userspace tools and library upstreamNicolas Iooss
Upstream moved to github
2014-05-22libselinux 2.3-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2014-04-13libselinux: add armv6h architectureNicolas Iooss
2 users in asked to add armv6h architecture, like what is done to seafile-server:
2014-04-13libselinux: update libselinux-rhat.patch sha256sumNicolas Iooss
2014-02-20libselinux: change cflags to ruby-2.1zezadas
2014-02-20libselinux: add swig as dependencyzezadas
2014-01-16libselinux 2.2.2-1 updateTimothée Ravier
2014-01-02Add conflicts and provides declarationsNicolas Iooss
This eases the upgrade from selinux- and selinux-usr- packages to new package names
2013-11-03General update: SELinux userspace & pkg renamingTimothée Ravier