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2022-05-06Bump to 2.0.194Konstantin Shalygin
2022-03-15Bump to 2.0.164Konstantin Shalygin
2021-11-12Bump to 2.0.112Konstantin Shalygin
2021-10-08Bump to 2.0.97Konstantin Shalygin
2021-09-27Bump to 2.0.88Konstantin Shalygin
2021-05-28deps: pcre -> pcre2Konstantin Shalygin
2021-05-28Bump to 2.0.7Konstantin Shalygin
2021-05-12Bump to 2.0.0Konstantin Shalygin
2021-03-09Bump to 1.0.255Konstantin Shalygin
2021-03-08Bump to 1.0.215Konstantin Shalygin
2020-11-05Added aarch64 to arch'esKonstantin Shalygin
2020-07-21Bump to 1.0.184Konstantin Shalygin
2020-06-02Bump to 1.0.176Konstantin Shalygin
2020-05-08Bump to 1.0.167Konstantin Shalygin
2020-02-06Bump to 1.0.130Konstantin Shalygin
2020-01-23Added the C++ language bindingsKonstantin Shalygin
2020-01-21Bump to 1.0.109Konstantin Shalygin
2019-10-17Update to version 1.0-r4Christian Franke
2019-10-17Append version to build dirChristian Franke
If the same build directory is used, CMake will complain that the cache is inconsistent. Avoid this by suffixing the build dir with the package version.
2019-07-11Update to version 1.0-r3Christian Franke
2019-04-05Update to version 1.0-r2Christian Franke
2019-04-05Update to version 1.0-r1Christian Franke
2019-02-04Update to version 0.16-r3Christian Franke
2018-11-01Build libyang with ENABLE_LYD_PRIV=ONChristian Franke
2018-11-01Update to version 0.16-r2Christian Franke
2018-03-29Initial commitXiao Liang
libyang v0.14-r1