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2017-09-304.13Matt Parnell
2017-08-29bumpMatt Parnell
2017-08-13bumpMatt Parnell
2017-07-17bumpMatt Parnell
2017-06-06bumpMatt Parnell
2017-05-22bumpMatt Parnell
2017-03-094.10Matt Parnell
2017-02-05customary bumpMatt Parnell
2016-12-25fix buildingMatt Parnell
2016-12-25further enhancementsMatt Parnell
2016-12-25now, if you put a saved kernel config named zen-config in the top level (same...Matt Parnell
2016-12-22no fixes requiredMatt Parnell
2016-12-184.9 with a couple quick sed hacks to make it build properlyMatt Parnell
2016-10-214.8Matt Parnell
2016-10-04bumpMatt Parnell
2016-09-14remove some testing cflags that were accidentally pushedMatt Parnell
2016-08-28bumpMatt Parnell
2016-08-054.7Matt Parnell
2016-07-19bumpMatt Parnell
2016-06-144.6Matt Parnell
2016-05-264.6Matt Parnell
2016-05-074.5.3Matt Parnell
2016-04-30bumpMatt Parnell
2016-04-27bump...although the hack for that one int is still requiredMatt Parnell
2016-04-23bumpMatt Parnell
2016-04-01forgot to removeMatt Parnell
2016-04-01patch no longer neededMatt Parnell
2016-03-27proper exfat fixMatt Parnell
2016-03-194.5/master with a line removal patch to make exfat workMatt Parnell
2016-03-05bumpMatt Parnell
2016-01-29bumpMatt Parnell
2016-01-26bumpMatt Parnell
2016-01-21they've started on 4.4Matt Parnell
2016-01-174.4 errors for me, will wait a bitMatt Parnell
2016-01-17version bumpMatt Parnell
2015-12-16version bumpMatt Parnell
2015-12-10bumpMatt Parnell
2015-11-27version bumpMatt Parnell
2015-11-174.3Matt Parnell
2015-11-14new versionMatt Parnell
2015-11-02version bumpMatt Parnell
2015-10-27version bump 4.2.5Matt Parnell
2015-10-084.2Matt Parnell
2015-10-05erm, i mean really fix itMatt Parnell
2015-10-05symlinkMatt Parnell
2015-09-22version bumpMatt Parnell
2015-09-21version bumpMatt Parnell
2015-08-06final proper working version, renamed to linux-zen-gitMatt Parnell
2015-08-05fix a couple rename issuesMatt Parnell
2015-08-05rename to linux-zen-git as linux-zen has been taken to extraMatt Parnell