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2020-07-06pgo must add -lgcov to ldflags when rebuilding against profile dataQue Quotion
2020-03-04Don't duplicate tidy scripts as executable scripts; actually install ↵Que Quotion
executable scripts
2020-03-03Add descriptions for optdepends()Que Quotion
2019-11-24because mv works differently for folders than it does for filesQue Quotion
2019-11-24Disregard and overwrite old profile data.Que Quotion
2019-11-20Fix conditionals in Quotion
I will never understand how or why conditional statements in bash stop working after a period of time and have to be rewritten, doing exactly the same thing they did before, in slightly different syntax. I've done this so many times I'm sure I've cycled over the same syntax two or three times in some scripts. Makes no sense.
2019-11-20Use -flto=auto for parallelization; thanks to brikler!Que Quotion
2019-11-01In theory, some systems may not have nproc; getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN is ↵Que Quotion
allegedly more portable. Update .SRCINFO for new hashsums!
2019-11-01Add multiprocessing to upx/png/svg and fix upx case statement.bartus
2019-10-29pacman 5.2.0 released: depend on pacman from [core], update compression ↵Que Quotion
flags for new methods
2019-09-26Separate options for clang; reduce overlap in graphite and rice; intensify ↵Que Quotion
graphite flags; output status messages from pgo
2019-07-10Set PROFDEST to /mnt/pgo (for clean chroot building)Que Quotion
2019-07-10Rename -> to ensure it is run LAST. New option: rice ↵Que Quotion
(extreme and unsafe optimization)
2019-07-10United Maintenance Plan: restructure all libmakepkg scripts (replace tabs ↵Que Quotion
with whitespace, reduce complexity, use safer methods to set flags)
2019-07-10List lto-thin in build enviroment optionsQue Quotion
2019-07-09After doing no less than a million unit tests, confirmations, and building a ↵Que Quotion
dozen packages with no problems whatsoever, the code stopped working as documented. NOT THE FIRST TIME BASH, WTF??
2019-07-05Account for clang in lto flags; reduce gcc lto compile time with ↵Que Quotion
2019-03-21binary -> executableQue Quotion
2019-03-21Fix comments in -exec scripts; use proper permissions; fix executable script ↵Que Quotion
2019-03-19Ditch pic/pie macros: apparenty redundant in ArchlinuxQue Quotion
2019-03-18Turns out package options are run a second time /just before/ package()Que Quotion
2019-03-18Bump pkgverQue Quotion
2019-03-18Add PIC and PIE macros (based on flags advised by RedHat docs); fix comment ↵Que Quotion
2019-03-10Remove unecessary lines from (no need to explicitly create ↵Que Quotion
pkgbase.gen; makes checking for INFAKEROOT irrelevant--which may have been irrelevant anyway)
2019-03-08fix typo in which caused flags not to be setQue Quotion
2019-02-14Warn about skipping binaries with filetypes that may not support UPX ↵Que Quotion
2018-11-28buildenv and executable patches have been merged upstream; deprecate ↵Que Quotion
2018-11-06Add executable scripts to source(), etcQue Quotion
2018-11-06executable finding scriptsQue Quotion
2018-11-06Updated for pacman with extendible buildenvQue Quotion
2018-10-31Add '--coverage' to LDFLAGS: more success when using LTO and PGO togetherQue Quotion
2018-10-25Supplemental ARCHITECTURE, COMPILE FLAGS; more rational sed replacements; ↵Que Quotion
link to archwiki
2018-08-30Migrate makepkg-optimize2 into makepkg-optimize; this is the best way to ↵Que Quotion
deal with my out-of-date troll and pacman-build_env-ext
2016-04-02Remove conftest.gcda as it is not necessary and can cause problemsQue Quotion
2016-04-01Bump pkgrel()Que Quotion
2016-04-01Changes to pgo were unecessary; optdepends optimization packagesQue Quotion
2016-03-25Sorry for the breakage!Que Quotion
2016-03-23A hint of things to come: makepkg-optimize2 is ready and waitingQue Quotion
2016-03-22Correcty assign system architechture and triple target for config.Que Quotion
2016-03-21meant to comment those out; thought i did; actually did...Que Quotion
2016-03-21Should have bumped with SVGO releaseQue Quotion
2016-03-21Show off, but comment out, package option parameters.Que Quotion
2016-03-21Comment on SVGO in configQue Quotion
2016-03-21SVGO - svg optimization with nodejs-svgoQue Quotion
2016-03-21Update!Que Quotion
2016-03-21Most people probably don't want -e for xz; takes time.Que Quotion
2016-03-21Addressing some concerns of FadeMind.Que Quotion
The makepkg.conf included here represents some of my own configuration choices. It is not intended to stay here however; once the next version of pacman rolls out, I intend to import users' own makepkg.conf (and makepkg) for the basis to patch on.
2016-03-21Some minor fixes. Most packages have no complains, but a few insistQue Quotion
the compiler cannot create executables. I think it is innapropriate whitespace or other disruption getting into a variable.
2016-03-21A little rearrangement.Que Quotion
The two sections of makepkg.conf split nicely: build options, and package options--so let's use file names like that. Also comment on graphite in config.
2016-03-21Graphite optimizations, also from qqbuild.Que Quotion
A little toned down. The Graphite flags are not entirely stable.