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2019-09-29Fixed the missing iconsatcom886
2018-11-20Update to 0.0.14Muhammad Fairuzi Teguh
2018-06-23Update to 0.0.13Muhammad Fairuzi Teguh
2018-04-11Update to 0.0.12M Fairuzi Teguh
2017-12-20Edit maintainerM Fairuzi T
2017-12-19Update to 0.0.11Muhammad Fairuzi Teguh
2016-11-17Updated to 0.0.10Grant Hames-Morgan
2016-10-25Added gconf as a dependencyGrant Hames-Morgan
2016-10-12Updated to latest versionGrant Hames-Morgan
2016-07-16Initial commitGrant Hames-Morgan