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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-12-21upgpkg: megasyncł Kozdrój
2020-11-27upgpkg: megasyncł Kozdrój
2020-11-02upgpkg: megasyncł Kozdrój
2020-09-06upgpkg: megasyncł Kozdrój
2020-08-02upgpkg: megasyncł Kozdrój
2020-06-03upgpkg: megasyncł Kozdrój
2020-03-27upgpkg: megasyncł Kozdrój
2020-03-05upgpkg: megasyncł Kozdrój
2019-10-17upgpkg: megasync 4.2.5-4Rafał Kozdrój
2019-10-15upgpkg: megasync 4.2.5-3Rafał Kozdrój
2019-09-18upgpkg: megasync 4.2.5-2Rafał Kozdrój
2019-09-17upgpkg: megasync 4.2.5-1Rafał Kozdrój
2019-08-31upgpkg: megasync 4.2.4-1Rafał Kozdrój
2019-08-22upgpkg: megasync 4.2.3-1Rafał Kozdrój
2019-06-25upgpkg: megasync 4.2.0-1Rafał Kozdrój
2019-06-14upgpkg: megasyncł Kozdrój
2019-02-28upgpkg: megasyncł Kozdrój
2019-02-22Update to 4.0.2Rafał Kozdrój
2018-09-25Add missing dependencyRafał Kozdrój
2018-09-25Update to 3.7.1Rafał Kozdrój
2018-08-17Version bump (use win tarball, because of missing linux tarball)kikadf
2018-08-13Bump mega-sdk to 3.4.0kikadf
2018-07-05Bump mega-sdkkikadf
2018-06-12Switch source to tarball releases (megasync and mega-sdk)kikadf
2018-05-30Version bumpkikadf
2018-05-06Version bumpkikadf
2018-04-11Rebuild with cryptoo++7kikadf
2018-02-24Rebuild with cryptoo++-6.1kikadf
2018-02-09Version bumpkikadf
2018-01-04Add missing qt5-svg dependency.Daniel Henry
Signed-off-by: Daniel Henry <>
2018-01-03Updates to Henry
2017-10-18Bump to release 2. Added ucontext.patch, thanks to zxioper for providing it.Miguel Revilla
2017-07-09Update to Revilla
2017-06-21Update to Revilla
2017-04-25Added new maintainer info, no bump needed.Miguel Revilla
2017-04-25Patched net.cpp to build against openssl 1.1.0. Updated to Revilla
2017-02-13upgpkgHexchain Tong
2017-01-09upgpkgHexchain Tong
2016-09-07upgpkgHexchain Tong
2016-07-31fix makedeps derpHexchain Tong
2016-07-31upgpkgHexchain Tong
2016-07-27upgpkgHexchain Tong
2016-04-27Update to Saavedra Son
2016-03-26Updated to 2.8.0Alfonso Saavedra Son
2016-03-13Add libuv to dependsAlfonso Saavedra Son
2016-03-13Remove option for make Nautilus extensionAlfonso Saavedra Son
2016-03-13Remove qmake-qt4 form build depends (include on the qt4)Alfonso Saavedra Son
2016-03-13Remove qmake-qt4 form build depends (include on the qt4)Alfonso Saavedra Son
2016-03-13Now compile from te source codeAlfonso Saavedra Son
2016-03-07Updated to 2.7.1 and change Debian packages for OpenSUSE packagesAlfonso Saavedra Son