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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-10-30[miopengemm] updpkg 3.9.0acxz
2020-09-22[miopengemm] updpkg 3.8.0acxz
2020-08-23[miopengemm] updpkg 3.7.0acxz
2020-06-14updpkg 1.1.6-2acxz
Consistent style across project Remove extraneous dependencies Update packages Update checksums and .SRCINFO Specify proper license Fix prefixes Prefer make to ninja Much more TODO: miopen, rocm-cmake{,-git}, rock-dkms{,-git}, Remove duplicates in makedepends and depends git submodules
2019-04-13Update to 2.3.0Jakub Okoński
2019-03-07Add rocm-cmake-git as a make dependencyJakub Okoński
2018-12-21Fix installation directoryJakub Okoński
2018-12-21Release initial versionJakub Okoński