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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysUpdate to 5.3.3David Birks
13 daysUpdate to 5.3.1David Birks
2020-06-15Update to 5.3.0David Birks
2020-06-08Update to 5.2.3David Birks
2020-05-26Update to 5.2.2David Birks
2020-05-22Update to 5.2.1David Birks
2020-05-18Update to 5.2.0David Birks
2020-05-09Update to 5.1.6David Birks
2020-04-30Update to 5.1.4David Birks
2020-04-27Update to 5.1.3David Birks
2020-04-17Update to 5.1.1 (re-released)David Birks
2020-04-17Update to 5.1.1David Birks
2020-04-13Update to 5.1.0David Birks
2020-04-10Update to 5.0.2David Birks
2020-04-07Update to 5.0.1David Birks
2020-04-07Update to 5.0.0David Birks
2020-02-14Update to 4.6.3David Birks
2020-02-08Update to 4.6.2David Birks
2019-12-17Update checksumDavid Birks
2019-12-11Update to 4.6.0David Birks
2019-12-02Update to 4.5.1David Birks
2019-11-16Update to 4.5.0David Birks
2019-10-03Update to 4.4.3David Birks
2019-08-27Update to 4.4.2David Birks
2019-08-22Update to 4.4.1David Birks
2019-07-24Add python-mkdocs-minify-pluginDavid Birks
2019-06-18Update to 4.4.0David Birks
2019-05-24Update to 4.3.1David Birks
2019-05-20Update to 4.3.0David Birks
2019-05-15Update to 4.2.0David Birks
2019-03-30Update to 4.1.1David Birks
2019-03-23Update to 4.1.0David Birks
2019-03-05Bump to version 4.0.2Mikkel Oscar Lyderik Larsen
2018-09-07Update to 3.0.4Mikkel Oscar Lyderik Larsen
2018-06-30update to version 2.9.2Jacqueline Outka
2018-02-26Build release from git sourceAbuzer Rafey
2018-02-20Update to 2.6.3Abuzer Rafey
2017-12-02Update to 2.2.1Abuzer Rafey
2017-11-08Update to 2.0.4Abuzer Rafey
2017-10-27Update to 1.12.2Abuzer Rafey
2017-10-20Update to 1.12.0Abuzer Rafey
2017-10-19Update to 1.11.0 and add pymdown-extensions dependencyAbuzer Rafey
2017-10-14Updated to 1.10.3Abuzer Rafey