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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-02-10Intel mpss update to 3.8.1Marcel Huber
2016-08-19patch kernel module Makefile to build for dkms kernelversionMarcel Huber
2016-08-08revert to blacklisting mic_host onlyMarcel Huber
- blacklisting failed because of multiple modules to blacklist - if mic_host is not loaded, also its dependent modules aren't
2016-08-05provide coi and myo libs tooMarcel Huber
2016-08-05be more DRYMarcel Huber
- use separate temporary install dir to provide usr/{include,lib,bin} for package building
2016-08-05build everything needed to start using the cardMarcel Huber
- not use github repos but patch files directly - added download urls - as we already need to have all three *master* tar files present, it is easier to apply changes directly
2016-08-01now provide micmgmt lib, mpssdemon and utilitiesMarcel Huber
2016-07-28provide Intel MPSS packages for Xeon Phi coprocessorMarcel Huber
- made as split package for all the different tools needed