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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-01-22changed libreoffice-online dependencyJonas Heinrich
2017-01-21changed download source, homepage. changed docker dependency to libreoffice-o...Jonas Heinrich
2017-01-05updated to version 1.1.25Jonas Heinrich
2016-12-13updated to version 1.1.24Jonas Heinrich
2016-12-06updated to version 1.1.15Jonas Heinrich
2016-11-27update to version 1.1.14Jonas Heinrich
2016-11-02changed back to owncloud tarball, bumped version to 1.1.14Jonas Heinrich
2016-11-02changed uriJonas Heinrich
2016-11-02switched to nextcloud tarball, set to nextcloud versioning, 1.1.4Jonas Heinrich
2016-10-30first commit, version 1.1.11Jonas Heinrich