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2016-08-11correct package nameXZS
The package sourced from Git all along. The Arch Wiki [1] conducts: Its name should reflect this. [1]:
2016-08-11correct file permissionsXZS
Systemd scripts are usually not executable.
2016-08-11achieve customizepkg compatibilityXZS
To have its name correctly scanned by customizepkg, the pkgname variable may not contain any variables.
2016-08-11add missing dependencyXZS
The program is written in CoffeeScript. It obviously needs the interpreter to run.
2016-08-11support arbitrary integrity checksXZS
The git-makepkg-templates switched to dynamic adaptation to integrity checks chosen in makepkg.conf. [1] The default checksums chosen reflect recommendations from the Arch Linux Wiki and manual pages. [2] [1]: [2]:
2016-08-05remove patches accepted upstreamXZS
2016-07-24fix checksumsXZS
When amending the last commit, some changes were forgotten.
2016-07-19support systemd socket activationXZS
This makes the feeds accessible as a system-wide service started on demand. A pull request to incorporate the changes and additions was made to the upstream project. [1] Should it be accepted, all supplementary files added in this commit can be removed again. [1]:
2016-07-19package Node.js moduleXZS
The PKGBUILD in mostly inspired from the NodeJS packages already in the community repository [1], some from the AUR [2] and the template used by the npm2arch generator [3]. [1]: [2]: [3]: