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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-10-30Updated to 3.6.5-1.1Manuel Hüsers
2016-09-25Updated to 3.6.4-1Manuel Hüsers
2016-09-21Updated to 3.6.2-1Manuel Hüsers
2016-06-17Updated to 3.5.r768-1Manuel Hüsers
2016-05-09Updated to 3.5.r723-1Manuel Hüsers
2016-05-08Updated to 3.5.r714-1Manuel Hüsers
2016-05-07Updated to 3.5.r711-1David Dotson
2016-04-24Updated to 3.5.r679-1Manuel Hüsers
Also changed mirror to Antergos' autodetect mirror
2016-04-14Updated to 3.5.r667-1Manuel Hüsers
2016-04-13Updated to 3.5.r659-1Manuel Hüsers
2016-04-10Updated to 3.4-1Manuel Hüsers
2016-04-09Updated to 3.2-1David Dotson
2016-02-02Updated to 3.0.4. Also changes to work with latest makepkg.David Dotson
2015-12-06Updated to 3.0.3-1David Dotson
2015-12-02Updated PKGBUILDManuel Hüsers
Removed unnecessary hash sum Added key label
2015-12-01Updated PKGBUILD to 3.0.2-1Manuel Hüsers
2015-12-01Updated PKGBUILD to 3.0.1-3Manuel Hüsers
Also cleaned up the PKGBUILD file a bit.
2015-11-30Updated PKGBUILD to 3.0.0.David Dotson
Also added PGP key checks against original signature from Antergos repo.
2015-10-21Updated PKGBUILD to grab numix-frost-themes 2.5.2 from antergos.David Dotson
2015-06-08First commit.David Dotson