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2020-02-09Modify permissive patch to work for updated fileharre
2020-01-28Fix compile and add translation and help files, it still doesn't load ↵harre
language still though :(
2020-01-04fix .SRCINFOharre
2019-06-17Added dependency to qt5-tools, thanks kevb!harre
2019-05-06Changed to use qmake instead of ./configure which have movedharre
2019-04-26Fixed sha256sumharre
2019-04-24Added support for OSCAR which is a port of the abandoned Sleepyheadharre
2018-09-01depends and makedepends fixesGelatinousSlime
2018-09-01add a missing dependency and tweak pkgver againKevin Lewis
2018-08-19tweak version number generationGelatinousSlime
2018-08-19update to 8e6968fb6dfea4ac1e87097f2253594e032f0c8dGelatinousSlime
2017-09-11add icon and desktop fileKevin Lewis
2017-04-15Patch to fix compiler errors due to a new ambiguous function signature added ↵Kevin Lewis
in Qt 5.8.
2017-01-02Update to latest commit.Jason Lenz
2015-06-14Initial importJason Lenz