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2022-10-15add python-google-auth-oauthlib dependencyBurgess Meredith
2022-10-14revised dependenciesBurgess Meredith
2022-10-14update to 3.5.0 and add additional dependencyBurgess Meredith
2022-09-03Update to 3.4.6black-desk
2022-08-05Update to 3.4.5black-desk
2022-04-18Update source filenameblack-desk
2022-04-17Update to 3.4.3black-desk
2022-02-20Update to 3.4.2black-desk
2022-02-09Update to 3.3.13black-desk
2021-12-09Update overgirve to 3.3.10black-desk
2020-01-29Change PKGBUILD and .SCRINFO to support auto updatePedro Henrique
2020-01-29GA AUTO-UPDATE: Version 3.3.7Pedro Henrique
2020-01-29Test github actions for automatic repository updatePedro
2020-01-28Update PKGBUILD package version and md5sumsClévio Orlando
2019-12-07Update overgrive to 3.3.5Pedro Henrique
2019-11-20Fix missing iconsPedro Henrique
2019-11-20Update to version 3.3.3 (python 3.8 support) and fix some bugsPedro Henrique
2019-11-17Fix python package namePedro Henrique
2019-11-01Update to version 3.3.2Pedro Henrique
2019-09-23Fix using wrong python binary in desktop filePedro Henrique
2019-09-06Update to version 3.3.1Pedro Henrique
2019-05-02Update versionPedro Henrique
2018-12-22Change package descriptionPedro Henrique
2018-12-22Initial commitPedro Henrique