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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-11-16update to 5.90130Michał Wojdyła
2022-08-28update to 5.90129Michał Wojdyła
2022-03-20add needed checkdepend: perl-type-tinyMarcell Meszaros
2022-03-20remove unneded dependency: perl-moosex-role-withoverloadingMarcell Meszaros
2021-08-27add 1 more testMichal Wojdyla
2021-04-04update to latest versionMichal Wojdyla
2017-04-18Update to 5.90114-1John D Jones III
2016-04-07Update to perl-catalyst-runtime-5.90104-1John D Jones III
2015-11-16Update perl-catalyst-runtime-5.90103-1John D Jones III
2015-10-29Update to perl-catalyst-runtime-5.90102-1John D Jones III
2015-09-16Update to -5.90101John D Jones III
2015-06-16Initial importJohn D Jones III