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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-05-29update for perl 5.34Brian Bidulock
2020-06-24update for perl 5.32Brian Bidulock
2020-03-04update for perl 5.30 on i686Brian Bidulock
2019-06-11update for perl 5.30Brian Bidulock
2018-08-08update for perl 5.28Brian Bidulock
2017-09-05bump pkgrel for new perlBrian Bidulock
2017-06-09updates for perl 5.26.0 with templateBrian Bidulock
2016-06-05perl5.024Brian Bidulock
2015-06-28version 0.16-6Brian Bidulock
* bumped pkgrel to trigger recompile against perl 5.22.0.
2015-06-10version 0.16-5Brian Bidulock
2015-06-10version 0.16-4Brian Bidulock
2015-06-10version 0.16-3Brian Bidulock
2015-06-10version 0.16-2Brian Bidulock
2015-06-10initial versionBrian Bidulock