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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-28v0.24.0Jan Max Meyer
2018-11-20phorward 0.23Jan Max Meyer
2018-07-11v0.22.4Jan Max Meyer
2018-04-25Updating to v0.22.2Jan Max Meyer
2018-04-17Updating to v0.22.0Jan Max Meyer
2017-12-14Updating to version 0.21.0Jan Max Meyer
2017-11-07phorward v0.20.0Jan Max Meyer
2017-02-03I'm sorry but there was a bug in the sources.Jan Max Meyer
2017-02-03Updating libphorward 0.19.0Jan Max Meyer
2017-02-01libphorward 0.18 seems to rely on txt2tags for correct building. This will be...Jan Max Meyer
2017-02-01Initial commit on phorward toolkit AUR package.Jan Max Meyer