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2013-04-07updated to version 0.13kachelaqa
2013-04-05updated the dependencieskachelaqa
2012-12-07updated to version 0.12kachelaqa
2012-11-13updated to version 0.11.1kachelaqa
2012-11-04updated to version 0.11kachelaqa
2012-10-31updated to version 0.10.2kachelaqa
2012-07-07updated to version 0.10.1kachelaqa
2012-05-04updated to version 0.10kachelaqa
2012-04-29updated the build and package functions for changes to the installerkachelaqa
2012-04-29updated to version 0.9.1kachelaqa
2012-03-10updated to version 0.9kachelaqa
2012-03-10changed the dependencies so that python-2.7 is requiredkachelaqa
2012-01-17updated to version 0.8kachelaqa
2012-01-17updated the dependencieskachelaqa
2011-10-08updated to version 0.7kachelaqa
2011-08-30updated to version 0.6kachelaqa
2011-08-15changed the dependencies to include pacmankachelaqa
2011-08-05updated to version 0.5kachelaqa
2011-08-02updated to version 0.4.1kachelaqa
2011-06-24updated to version 0.4kachelaqa
2011-06-19updated to version 0.3.1kachelaqa
2011-05-20updated to version 0.3kachelaqa
2011-05-20updated the dependencieskachelaqa
2011-05-04updated to version 0.2kachelaqa
2011-04-22updated to version 0.1.1kachelaqa
2011-04-22added original fileskachelaqa