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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-01-18Update to version 0.13.0.Victor Zamanian
2020-09-08Release 0.12.0Victor Zamanian
2020-07-02Update to version 0.11.1.Victor Zamanian
2020-06-20Update to version 0.10.0.Victor Zamanian
2020-04-09Release 0.7.1.Victor Zamanian
2020-01-31Put icon in the right place.Victor Zamanian
2020-01-31Remove `pwd` and update .SRCINFO.Victor Zamanian
2020-01-31Update to v0.7.0 (binary release).Victor Zamanian
This does not use an AppImage.
2020-01-15Add -bin suffix to package name.Victor Zamanian
2020-01-15Better PKGBUILD.Victor Zamanian
2020-01-15Initial commit; v0.6.2.Victor Zamanian
Also ninja add .SRCINFO file from the future.