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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-16Upgrade to 4.0a2; Update .SRCINFOTorben
2020-06-19Compile from latest release; Rename packageTorben
2020-06-18Remove git repository before cloning itTorben
2020-06-18Use processing4 namespace to prevent conflictsTorben
2020-06-18Move java11-openjfx to the make-dependenciesTorben
2020-06-18Use the downloaded jogl packages in the build process againTorben
2020-06-18Update upstream URLTorben
2020-06-17Add modification to build processing4Torben
2020-06-13Bump pkgrel to 3 and improve description; Update .SRCINFOTorben
2020-06-13Disable update check in default preferencesTorben
2020-06-13Fix headers of patch filesTorben
2020-06-13Apply patch to always use java-8-jdkTorben
2020-06-13Use JDK set by archlinux-javaTorben
2020-06-13Bump pkgrel to 2; Update .SRCINFOTorben
2020-06-13Link only Java binary instead of full JDKTorben
2020-06-13Ensure that Ant uses jdk8 for buildingTorben
2020-06-10Fix dependency namesTorben
2020-06-10Clean up, add contributors and update descriptionTorben
2020-06-10Remove some more unnecessary changes and additionsTorben
2020-06-10Patch only necessary parts of the build processTorben
2020-06-10Use Oracle JDK 8 as Java environmentTorben
2020-06-10Import snapshot of processing package from AUR as processing-jdk8Torben