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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-08-30upgrade to 0.16.0j.r
2021-12-13python-telegram: bump pkgrelj.r
python3 was updated, so rebuild is needed
2021-12-05python-telegram: upgrade to 0.15.0j.r
upstream release
2020-12-29update python-telegram to 0.14.0-1j.r
upstream release
2020-12-08Bump pkgrel to rebuild with new python versionj.r
2020-09-19Add libtd as dependencyj.r
* Dumb me patched the prebuild binarys out and forgot to add the dependency
2020-09-18Bump pkgrel to include patches for tdlibj.r
2020-09-18Add patches to use system wide tdlibj.r
2020-09-14Bump pkregl to include latest changesj.r
2020-09-14Remove unused makedeps arrayj.r
2020-09-14Fix LICENSE file beeing copied to wrong dirj.r
2020-09-14Make tarball name uniquej.r
2020-09-14Add conflicts for python-telegram-botj.r
2020-06-23Init with version 0.12.0j.r