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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-12-30python-validity: add j.r as maintainerj.r
2020-12-30python-validity: install LICENSEj.r
2020-10-20open-fprintd 0.6 version restrictionMatthew Murray
2020-10-18Update to 0.12Matthew Murray
2020-09-01Add python-yaml dependencyMatthew Murray
2020-08-03Update to 0.9Matthew Murray
2020-07-13Update to 0.7Matthew Murray
Use the included udev and systemd service.
2020-07-12Update pkgrelMatthew Murray
2020-07-12Install the systemd serviceMatthew Murray
2020-07-12Use pkgver in cdMatthew Murray
2020-07-12Use 0.4 tagMatthew Murray
2020-07-12Initial commitMatthew Murray
2020-07-12Initial commitMatthew Murray