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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-04-26Add aria2 as optional dependencySteffen Hansen
2022-04-22Update to 3.15Steffen Hansen
2022-03-11Update to 3.14Steffen Hansen
2022-02-28Update to 3.13Steffen Hansen
2022-02-23Update to 3.12Steffen Hansen
2021-12-08Update to 3.11Steffen Hansen
2021-12-06Update to 2.3.4Steffen Hansen
2021-12-03Update to 2.3.3Steffen Hansen
2021-12-01Update urlSteffen Hansen
2021-12-01Change to sha256sumsSteffen Hansen
2021-11-14Update to 2.3.2Steffen Hansen
2021-11-10Increment pkgrelSteffen Hansen
2021-11-10Add quickgui as optional dependencySteffen Hansen
2021-11-08Update to 2.3.1Steffen Hansen
2021-10-29Update to 2.3.0Steffen Hansen
2021-10-29Update to 2.2.9Steffen Hansen
2021-10-27Update to 2.2.7Steffen Hansen
2021-10-21Update to 2.2.6Steffen Hansen
2021-10-192.2.5-2Steffen Hansen
2021-10-19Fix indentationSteffen Hansen
2021-10-19Revert "Add replacement script for OVMF paths"Steffen Hansen
This reverts commit 869d32bf2424ba262233f0927ad2aae07034bd09. OVMF paths was fixed upstream.
2021-10-16Update to 2.2.5Steffen Hansen
2021-10-15Update to 2.2.4Steffen Hansen
2021-10-15Change version number in URL to use $pkgverSteffen Hansen
2021-10-09Increment pkgrelSteffen Hansen
2021-10-09Add missing dependenciesSteffen Hansen
2021-10-09Increment pkgrelSteffen Hansen
2021-10-09Add replacement script for OVMF pathsSteffen Hansen
2021-10-09Add cdrtools, swtpm and edk2-ovmf as dependenciesSteffen Hansen
2021-10-08Initial commitSteffen Hansen