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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-06-03Rescached v1.7.0M. Shulhan
2017-03-18Rescached v1.6.0M. Shulhan
2017-03-17Backup blocked host fileM. Shulhan
2017-02-24Release of rescached v1.5.1M. Shulhan
2017-02-24Rescached v1.5.0M. Shulhan
2017-02-08Rescached v1.4.1M. Shulhan
This is quickfix release for error when removing cache from the memory when limit is reached. Sorry for the inconvenience.
2017-02-05Release for version 1.4.0M. Shulhan
2016-10-29Update to version 1.3.1M. Shulhan
2016-10-23Update to version 1.3.0M. Shulhan
2016-09-17Remove asciidoc from make dependenciesM. Shulhan
Since different system can have old asciidoc program, building it can be problematic and error. From now on, we include man page in repo and use it to install in target system.
2016-09-06Add support for ARM deviceM. Shulhan
Tested with Raspberry PI 2 with Arch Linux ARM. Also, we add gcc, make, fakeroot, and git as dependency for make, to automatically install the package without required manual install before it.
2016-09-04Update version to disable alwyays rebuild when running pacaurM. Shulhan
2016-09-04Remove $_pkgname variable to simplify buildM. Shulhan
Also, - Use tagging on package version - Add conflicted packages - Add 'gcc-libs' as dependency as recommended by namcap - Install license file - Ignore generated tar file
2016-07-08Update to version 1.1.0.Mhd Sulhan
* Get latest tags from git for package versioning. * Remove expandtab from vim modeline.
2016-01-07Update to version r123.Mhd Sulhan
The file in /etc/rescached is not used anymore. It will be deleted when this package installed.
2016-01-06Update to version r121Mhd Sulhan
2015-07-06Update to version r120.Mhd Sulhan
Add gitignore file.
2015-07-06New release version r119.53a68a6.Mhd Sulhan
2015-06-10Initial importMhd Sulhan