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2022-07-11all: backup existing files on etcShulhan
2022-03-15Release rescached v4.3.0Shulhan
2021-12-04Release rescasched v4.1.0Shulhan
2021-12-04all: update to latest release v4.0.0-devShulhan
Changes, * Set minimum Go version to v1.16 * Remove /etc/rescached/hosts.d/hosts.block from backup * Install LICENSE only in /usr/share/licenses/rescached/ directory
2021-01-26Release rescached v4.0.0Shulhan
Rescached now have a web user interface (wui) that can be accessed at The interface can be used to monitoring caches, managing caches, environment, blocked hosts, internal hosts files, and zone files. == Breaking changes * The `rescached::dir.hosts` now default to "/etc/rescached/hosts.d" * The `rescached::dir.master` now default to "/etc/rescached/zone.d"
2020-09-07PKGBUILD: remove asciidoctor from makedependsShulhan
The documentation will be pre-build, so the build script only build the binaries for the current OS, thats it.
2020-07-23Release rescached v3.0.2Shulhan
2020-03-08PKGBUILD: backup localhost certificate filesShulhan
2020-01-15Release rescached v3.0.0Shulhan
2019-12-26PKGBUILD: increase the go-pie dependency from 1.11 to 1.13Shulhan
2019-12-26Release rescached v3.0.0-alphaShulhan
All the server core functionalities (caches and forwarding) now implemented inside "dns.Server". The main function of this package are for reading options from configuration file (or from command line options) and watching changes from system resolv.conf. == New Features * Support serving and forwarding DNS over TLS * Add launchd script for macOS and make tasks to install and uninstall on macOS == Breaking Changes There are also some major changes on configuration file. All configuration now break into two section '[rescached]' and '[dns "server"]'. For more information see new rescached.cfg manual page or an example in `cmd/rescached/rescached.cfg`. Some detailed changes are, * "parent" option now use URI format instead of IP:PORT. This will allow parent name servers to be UDP, TCP, and/or DoH simultaneously. * "server.doh.parent" and "server.parent.connection" are removed, redundant with new "server.parent" format. * "cache.threshold" is renamed to "cache.prune_threshold". * "" is removed. The concept of writing PID file when the program start on networking service is not applicable or relevant anymore on systemd or launchd. If the program already started, the second program will fail because the port is already used.
2019-03-02Release rescached v2.1.1Shulhan
* Fix make dependencies, change "asciidoc" to "asciidoctor" * unset GOROOT environemnt in case user set it. This is to prevent an error, compile: version "devel ..." does not match go tool version "go1.12" which caused by multiple Go binary in user environment.
2019-02-01Release rescached v2.1.0Shulhan
2019-01-16Release v2.0.0Shulhan
2018-11-16post_upgrade: do not remove the previous configurationShulhan
2018-09-08Fix package versionShulhan
2018-09-08Add .SRCINFO, update version without revision count and commit hashShulhan
2018-09-08Release candidate #1 for v2.0.0Shulhan
Rewrite rescached from "C with class" to Go
2018-05-18Release 1.7.0.r6.gddf766fShulhan
2017-06-03Rescached v1.7.0M. Shulhan
2017-03-18Rescached v1.6.0M. Shulhan
2017-03-17Backup blocked host fileM. Shulhan
2017-02-24Release of rescached v1.5.1M. Shulhan
2017-02-24Rescached v1.5.0M. Shulhan
2017-02-08Rescached v1.4.1M. Shulhan
This is quickfix release for error when removing cache from the memory when limit is reached. Sorry for the inconvenience.
2017-02-05Release for version 1.4.0M. Shulhan
2016-10-29Update to version 1.3.1M. Shulhan
2016-10-23Update to version 1.3.0M. Shulhan
2016-09-17Remove asciidoc from make dependenciesM. Shulhan
Since different system can have old asciidoc program, building it can be problematic and error. From now on, we include man page in repo and use it to install in target system.
2016-09-06Add support for ARM deviceM. Shulhan
Tested with Raspberry PI 2 with Arch Linux ARM. Also, we add gcc, make, fakeroot, and git as dependency for make, to automatically install the package without required manual install before it.
2016-09-04Update version to disable alwyays rebuild when running pacaurM. Shulhan
2016-09-04Remove $_pkgname variable to simplify buildM. Shulhan
Also, - Use tagging on package version - Add conflicted packages - Add 'gcc-libs' as dependency as recommended by namcap - Install license file - Ignore generated tar file
2016-07-08Update to version 1.1.0.Mhd Sulhan
* Get latest tags from git for package versioning. * Remove expandtab from vim modeline.
2016-01-07Update to version r123.Mhd Sulhan
The file in /etc/rescached is not used anymore. It will be deleted when this package installed.
2016-01-06Update to version r121Mhd Sulhan
2015-07-06Update to version r120.Mhd Sulhan
Add gitignore file.
2015-07-06New release version r119.53a68a6.Mhd Sulhan
2015-06-10Initial importMhd Sulhan