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2020-01-30Bump pkgrelStig Otnes Kolstad
2020-01-30Revert "Use git+https schema"Stig Otnes Kolstad
This reverts commit 6cbffb5d86a71ea283d7f1a6b99ec64ece8ebc67. This only created problems when updating existing clients. It didn't actually make sense to change it in the first place, but I got a hickup.
2020-01-29Add stigok as maintainerStig Otnes Kolstad
2020-01-29Consistent indentationStig Otnes Kolstad
2020-01-28Version 294.a6e83b9Stig Otnes Kolstad
2020-01-28Use git+https schemaStig Otnes Kolstad
2020-01-28Append commit hash to version tagStig Otnes Kolstad
2020-01-28Fix man building and pathsStig Otnes Kolstad
2020-01-25updated package with translationsAlexander Kjäll
2019-09-28improved package with the man page, also removed the setuid bit that was ↵Alexander Kjäll
there by misstake
2019-08-24Removed automake and autoconf dependency since it is part of base-develDavid Plassmann
2019-08-24InitialDavid Plassmann