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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-03-18Bump version to 6.6.4Azat Khuzhin
2019-10-22Add diffutils into make dependenciesAzat Khuzhin
Reported-by: @fosskers
2019-10-22Bump version to 6.3.6Azat Khuzhin
2019-10-01Add DISABLE_WARNING_AS_ERRORAzat Khuzhin
2019-09-19Bump version to 6.2.4Azat Khuzhin
2019-08-18Bump version to 6.2.2Azat Khuzhin
2019-04-25Bump version to 6.0.2Azat Khuzhin
2019-04-22Bump version to 6.0.1Azat Khuzhin
2019-03-17Bump versionAzat Khuzhin
2018-10-30We need sha256 for .zipAzat Khuzhin
2018-10-30Bump checksum for 5.15.10Azat Khuzhin
2018-10-30Bump rocksdb version to 5.15.10Azat Khuzhin
2017-08-22Add db_benchAzat Khuzhin
2017-08-21Initial commitAzat Khuzhin
Based on "rocksdb" from aur, but with DEBUG_LEVEL=0