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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-03-31Rename rocr-runtime -> hsa-rocr (#77)Ranieri Althoff
2020-03-27Deprecate roct-thunk-interface, update hsakmt-roct (#69)Ranieri Althoff
* Update hsakmt-roct * Replace dependencies on roct-thunk-interface with hsakmt-roct
2020-03-05v3.1.0-1Ranieri Althoff
2020-02-04v3.0.0-3Ranieri Althoff
- Add patch to trim useless artifacts - Cleanup scripts - Fix licenses
2020-01-30v3.0.0-2Ranieri Althoff
- Split llvm and comgr packages - Fix build artifacts
2020-01-23v3.0.0Ranieri Althoff
- v3.0.0 finally! Split into rocm-opencl-runtime (OpenCL libs) and rocm-device-libs (LLVM bitcode) for smaller packages
2019-12-11v2.10.0-2Ranieri Althoff
- Simplify thread calc - Use git for small repositories
2019-11-26v2.10.0Ranieri Althoff
2019-07-09Update to v2.6.0Ulysses Rangel Ribeiro
2019-06-26Update to ROCm 2.5.0Ulysses Rangel Ribeiro
2019-05-11Update to ROCm 2.4.0Ulysses Rangel Ribeiro
2019-04-23Update to ROCm 2.3.0Ulysses Rangel Ribeiro
2019-03-17Fix patch file pathUlysses Rangel Ribeiro
2019-03-17Add fix_rocm_opencl_build_order.patch to source and sha256sumsUlysses Rangel Ribeiro
2019-03-17Initial importUlysses Rangel Ribeiro