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2020-10-173.3.6-5Tim Meusel
2020-09-29release 3.3.6-4Tim Meusel
2020-09-29updateTim Meusel
2020-08-13Update 3.3.6Viktor Drobot
2020-02-23Update 3.3.5Viktor Drobot
2020-02-13Update 3.3.4Viktor Drobot
2020-02-05Update 3.3.3Viktor Drobot
2020-01-30Update 3.3.2. Build from src nowViktor Drobot
2020-01-02Build from src nowViktor Drobot
2019-04-07Bump to 3.2.9Drobot Viktor
2019-01-30Fixed gem install optionsDrobot Viktor
2018-01-26Bumped to the 3.2.4 versionDrobot Viktor
2015-07-25import from AUR3lilydjwg