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12 daysRevert local build for nowMario Finelli
12 daysRevert "Bump to 0.13.0"Mario Finelli
12 daysBump to 0.13.0Mario Finelli
2019-11-08Bump to 0.12.2Mario Finelli
2018-10-14Add makedependsMario Finelli
2018-10-14Refactor and remove ruby-slop dependencyMario Finelli
2018-01-11Bump to 0.11.3Mario Finelli
2016-04-25Bump to version 0.10.3Mario Finelli
2015-09-20Update package checksumsMario Finelli
2015-09-20Bump to pkgrel 2Mario Finelli
2015-06-14Initial importArtem Vorotnikov