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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-02-11Use config.toml based compilationTatsuyuki Ishi
2017-11-14Update the home page URLspider-mario
2017-07-23Disable per-package pkgverTatsuyuki Ishi
To workaround the issue that several AUR helpers fail to handle it.
2017-05-28Use the revamped PKGBUILDTatsuyuki Ishi
2017-03-12Pass --disable-dist-src to configureTatsuyuki Ishi
2017-03-12Add a few new submodulesspider-mario
2017-02-09Install the doc from the updated source locationspider-mario
2017-02-09Also remove componentsspider-mario
2017-02-09Do not disable rustbuildspider-mario
2017-02-09Update pkgver()spider-mario
2017-02-04Do not clone LLVM and jemallocspider-mario
2017-02-04Update the optional dependency on the documentationspider-mario
2017-02-04Various updatesspider-mario
(Yes, I also dislike this sort of commit message, sorry.)
2017-01-07Temporarily disable rustbuildspider-mario
2016-10-08Revert "Fix for --docdir"spider-mario
This reverts commit 5c972b45f60ff186d3d23eb1160dd176c63a08d2. The bug has been fixed upstream.
2016-10-02Fix for --docdirspider-mario
2016-07-01Drop nano files (they are now included with nano)spider-mario
2016-03-27Forgot that this file was from the gedit repo…spider-mario
2016-03-27Remove gtksourceview filespider-mario
2016-03-27Add libc as a submodulespider-mario
2015-06-20aur4 portspider-mario