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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-02-07Quote strings containing variablesSlashbunny
2015-02-07package function is requiredSlashbunny
2013-01-07Update Savage 2 to
2012-08-22Set library path properly before launching gameSlashbunny
2012-08-16Updated savage2 to latestSlashbunny
2012-03-03More issues with people unable to delete this, just remove itSlashbunny
2012-02-29Sub-directories under the rollbackBackupDirectory directory will differ depen...Slashbunny
2012-02-15Updated for upstream; Disabled compression on built package because i...Slashbunny
2011-12-05Updated savage2 install script to warn the user to disable automatic updatesSlashbunny
2010-12-15Updated installer URLSlashbunny
2010-09-02Prevent makepkg failure after unzip because of exit codeSlashbunny
2009-12-28Updated savage2 depsSlashbunny
2009-08-17Updated savage2 to
2009-08-17Adopted savage2Slashbunny