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2022-05-29selinux-refpolicy-arch 20220520-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2021-10-12selinux-refpolicy-arch: move configuration step into build()Nicolas Iooss describes that prepare() is used to prepare the source. Running actions similar to "./configure" (here it is "make conf") should happen in build().
2021-09-25selinux-refpolicy-arch 20210908-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2021-02-21selinux-refpolicy-arch 20210203-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2020-09-03selinux-refpolicy-arch 20200818-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2020-08-29Remove linux-selinux package and all references to ittqre
Two mentions remain, as I'm not using vagrant myself, the if clauses can probably be dropped, but I have no (easy and fast) means to test it. ./_vagrant/ # If using the deprecated linux-selinux kernel, replace the entries ./_vagrant/ if grep 'LINUX \.\./vmlinuz-linux-selinux' /boot/syslinux/syslinux.cfg > /dev/null
2020-03-01selinux-refpolicy-arch 20200229-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2019-11-25selinux-refpolicy-arch 20190609-2 updateNicolas Iooss
2019-06-10selinux-refpolicy-arch 20190609-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2019-02-03selinux-refpolicy-arch 20190201-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2018-08-01selinux-refpolicy-arch 20180701-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2018-01-15selinux-refpolicy-arch 20180114-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2017-08-14selinux-refpolicy-arch 20170805-1 updateNicolas Iooss
2017-05-17selinux-refpolicy-arch: move linux-selinux to optional dependenciesNicolas Iooss
linux-hardened or an other custom kernel can be installed too in order to provide a kernel with SELinux.
2016-01-05Add patches to make refpolicy more Arch Linux-friendlyNicolas Iooss
Much work still needs to be done.
2016-01-05Update to last refpolicy releaseNicolas Iooss
While at it, clean up the package building process.
2015-12-20Commit selinux-refpolicy-arch 20110726.1-3Nicolas Iooss