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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-22Update to SOGo-4.3.0Deon Spengler
2020-01-04Update to SOGo-4.2.0Deon Spengler
2019-11-02Update to SOGo-4.1.1Deon Spengler
2019-08-03Update to SOGo-4.0.8Deon Spengler
2019-03-11Update to SOGo-4.0.7Deon Spengler
2019-02-22Update to SOGo-4.0.6Deon Spengler
2019-01-16Update to SOGo-4.0.5Deon Spengler
2018-10-24Update to SOGo-4.0.4Deon Spengler
2018-10-11Updated bugfix-4566 patchDeon Spengler
2018-10-11Sogo bugfix-4566Deon Spengler
2018-10-09Added patch to revert UIxMailPartSignedViewer.m back to 4.0.1Deon Spengler
2018-10-09Fix: removed ssl error messageDeon Spengler
2018-09-01Update to SOGo-4.0.2Deon Spengler
2018-08-25Reverted back to SOGo-4.0.1Deon Spengler
2018-08-24Update to SOGo-4.0.2Deon Spengler
2018-07-12Update to SOGo-4.0.1Deon Spengler
2018-03-08Added script to upgrade DB from 3.2.10 to 4.0.0Deon Spengler
2018-03-08Update to SOGo-4.0.0Deon Spengler
2017-08-21Added gcc-objc and gnustep-make to makedependsDeon Spengler
2017-07-06Update to SOGo-3.2.10Deon Spengler
2017-05-10Update to SOGo-3.2.9Deon Spengler
2017-05-02removed duplicate linesDeon Spengler
2017-03-25Update to SOGo-3.2.8Deon Spengler
2017-03-15Update to SOGo-3.2.7.Deon Spengler
2016-12-13Update to SOGo-3.2.4.DJ Lucas
2016-12-13Update to SOGo-3.2.3.DJ Lucas
2016-11-16Update to SOGo-3.2.1.DJ Lucas
2016-08-11Update to SOGo-3.1.5.DJ Lucas
2016-08-06Remove unneeded GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ADMIN_TOOLS parameterDJ Lucas
2016-07-17Update to SOGo-3.1.4.DJ Lucas
2016-06-25Update to SOGo-3.1.3DJ Lucas
2016-06-08Update to SOGo-3.1.2.DJ Lucas
2016-06-02Update to SOGo-3.1.1.DJ Lucas
2016-05-18Update to SOGo-3.1.0DJ Lucas
2016-05-04Update to SOGo-3.0.2DJ Lucas
2015-12-04Return to openchange from openchange-git, remove unneeded patchDJ Lucas
2015-11-28Use openchange-git for now.DJ Lucas
2015-11-27Update to sogo-3.3.3aDJ Lucas
2015-10-31Update sogo/sope dependency versionsSteven Hiscocks
2015-10-31Update 2.3.2Steven Hiscocks
2015-07-28Update to 2.3.1DJ Lucas
2015-07-19Correct loggingDJ Lucas
2015-07-17Initial commitDJ Lucas