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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-26Bump to version 10.1.0Stijn Seghers
2019-01-24Version bump: 9.10.1Stijn Seghers
2018-06-24Version bump: 9.3.0Stijn Seghers
2018-02-19Version bump: 9.0.0Stijn Seghers
2017-10-07Version bump: 8.2.0Stijn Seghers
2017-09-10Use httpsStijn Seghers
2017-09-07Version bump: 8.1.1Stijn Seghers
2017-08-30Bump PKGBUILD versionStijn Seghers
2017-08-30Fix PKGBUILD: forgot to update checksumStijn Seghers
2017-08-27Version bump: 8.0.0Stijn Seghers
2017-04-09Initial commitStijn Seghers