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10 daysAdd polkit as dependencyDan Elkouby
2020-02-21OopsDan Elkouby
2020-02-21Sync with [community]Dan Elkouby
2020-01-27Update to 1.4Dan Elkouby
2019-12-28Better scroll-to-focus patchDan Elkouby
2019-12-28New patchesDan Elkouby
2019-12-27Revert "Add exec --block flag"Dan Elkouby
2019-12-27Add exec --block flagDan Elkouby
2019-12-27Move patches to githubDan Elkouby
2019-12-27Fix git version for real this timeDan Elkouby
2019-12-27Remove conflicting changeDan Elkouby
2019-12-27Fix checksumsDan Elkouby
2019-12-27Don't use git to find the versionDan Elkouby
2019-12-27Initial importDan Elkouby